The Sum-Up

I never did like the name Irene…

I guess I should fill in all the blanks that have been gaping for the past few days.

Let us start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.  The original plan included leaving early Friday morning on an AA flight to Newark Airport.  Mom and I were going to stay in the New Yorker Hotel.  We were going to go to the Museum of Modern Art to see the PostSecret collection, the M&M store, we were going to get drinks at the Ritz, maybe visit the Bronx Zoo…we were going to hang out.

On Sunday, I had pre-purchased tickets for the Harry Potter Exhibition, Billy Elliot, and Joe Moses One Man Showses (Starkid event).

I was then going to leave on the group flight for Israel at 1:30pm from Newark airport.

Naturally, Irene took offense to all these well laid out plans.

Thursday, my mom called me while I was in Arlington and told me that we weren’t going to be leaving for New York the next morning.  Naturally, I freaked out.  Everything hinged on getting to New York and getting on the group flight.  I drove home with bated breath to find my mom not even there.  I paced and paced until she got home.  We got on the phone with American Airlines and Hotwire to see about the possibility of them canceling our flight in the morning and the chance of refunding our hotel stay.  After staying on hold for HOURS and getting nowhere, we finally decided to call it a night and wait to see what happened in the morning.

At 7:00am, my mom came in to wake me up and tell me to turn off my alarm, as we weren’t leaving on the morning flight.  She had changed our 9:30 to the 4:40 flight to give us time to try and change our hotel from New York to…anywhere else.  At about 10:45, we got a full refund on our hotel.  I was on hold with American Airlines for 50 minutes to find out if we could switch our 4:40 flight to 1:40 (on the off chance that they canceled the 4:40 one.)  After waiting that long on hold, mom announced “The chances of them canceling that flight at this late hour are slim to none.”  So we hung up and waited for a while.  At that point, we were planning on staying with one of moms friends in New Jersey.  Everything was going to work.

At exactly 12:20, they canceled our 4:40 flight to Newark.

After a few choice curse words on both of our behalves, mom and I packed up the car and drove to DFW Airport, despite our flight being canceled.

We chanced parking in Terminal C and walked in to find an angel at the service counter (named Tina Crosby, if you’re wondering).  She got us on THE LAST FLIGHT into LaGuardia in New York in the LAST TWO SEATS on the plane which just so happened to be in FIRST CLASS! =D

So we crossed our fingers and prayed that the plane would take off and not be canceled.

As the plane took off, we smiled happily.  Amanda MagicGoogleFingers, mom’s assistant, managed to book us a car service to take us from LaGuardia to Newark where moms friend Nancye would pick us up.

By the time we finally got to her house it was about 10:45pm.  We had been traveling all day.

Saturday we stayed in all day and watched movies.  (Why yes, I can tell you what they were!  They were History of the World: Part 1, Good Morning, Vietnam, and Red).  At 1:00am…as it was inevitable…the power went out.

Took 15 hours to turn back on.  Meanwhile, we’re without news on the hurricane and general state of things.  With the VERY RARE bar of service, I received numerous emails from Interglobal Travel and Hebrew University about the group flight.

I am writing this now…at 10:08pm (while watching Eurotrip because it’s a TRADITION, YO!)…in sheer anticipation for the airport I will be getting to in 11 hours and 51 minutes…and the flight I will be getting on 2.5 hours later.


So thank you all for being with me through the thick: to the thicker:

to the thin/slightly vague:

From the excitement:

to the tears (of laughter…cause Braulio WINS):

And I’ll leave you with this delightful little gem:

There was a whole group of deer on the side of the road when mom and I went for a walk on Sunday evening.

When I get to Israel…it’ll be all about stray cats.  xD

Peace out!

Author: alisonlcohn

Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

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