My Thoughts on Digging

Ulpan and wandering the Old City with Rachel and Robert.

I actually wasn’t intending to blog today because it’s 1:49am 2:20am and I’m exhausted.  I have class in the morning.  I’m going to have to get used to that.  At least for two more weeks.  I’m not digging the whole “class on Sunday” thing.  Not digging it at all.

Our apartment suffered its first casualty today.  A red plastic cup of mine has officially gone missing.  I’m contemplated making “Lost Cup” posters…but I figure they’d come out something like this…  Instead…we shall simply mourn its passing and move on with our lives.

Today I slept till 11:45.  It was SO pleasant.  This is the only week where we have a one day weekend, so the one day off was sinfully delightful.  I slept in, Skyped, and read fanfic until 2:00pm when Robert and Rachel dragged me out of my dorm to go to the Old City.

Once again, the Jewish Quarter of the Old City was closed due to Shabbat so we explored (extensively) the Muslim, Armenian, and Christian Quarters instead.  I bought two gifts (for a REALLY good price) and bought a pair of pants that seem to be in style here.  Personally…I think they make me look like M.C. Hammer but apparently they’re big right now…

Either way…got them for less than what equates to $10.  So I’m proud of myself.  It’s the first thing I’ve purchased just for ME.  It’s probably one of the ONLY things I’ll purchase just for me.  >_>  No, that’s a lie.  I desperately want an IDF shirt and a Jerusalem shoulder bag before I go.  I do intend to wait till the end of my trip to see if I have any money left over before I buy these novelties for myself, however.

On the way out of the Old City, we were determined to find the least sketch exit possible.  As we came to a fork in the road, the left path had a pair of seemingly never-ending steep stairs…and the other had more market stalls.  The decision was obvious, we were going to head to the right…but at some point, Robert cracked a joke about these particular stairs being the stairs to heaven since they were so…infinite.  Naturally, my eyes lit up.  I simply HAD to take a picture.  Here is the self-proclaimed Stairway to Heaven.

As I got back to my dorm (and got back into bed) I decided to chill for the night.  Call in early.  I was ready to sleep by about 8:30pm…but I was determined to make a Skype date with the lovely Miss Kozy.  I made some fail guacamole…(apparently the “limes” that the guy at the Shuk sold me were actually oranges.  …Yes…green oranges) and read some fanfic.  Relaaaax.  Unfortunately, those plans fell through when Robert popped up on Facebook and we got to talking about Dr. Pepper.

Instead of a quiet evening, Robert and I walked to the market whereupon I purchased four cans of Dr. Pepper.  I intend to savor them as long as possible.  We then decided that since we both deigned to stay in instead of going out drinking on a school night, we should band together in our solitude and watch a movie instead.  After deliberation, we chose to watch Dogma and all was well in the world.

I have my academic advisor meeting on Monday.  It really got me thinking about the classes I want to take here.  I refuse to give up hope on the Archaeology of Jerusalem class even though I know I won’t get into it due to limited enrollment and the sheer popularity of the class.  (You’d think they’d open up a second or third section if they knew the class was so popular…but alas!  That’d make actual SENSE! o.o  Can’t have that…)  I started looking for alternatives and managed to find one or two that seemed semi-intriguing.  I still plan on taking the Israeli Literature class but I might be taking Issues in Israeli Society instead of Archaeology of Jerusalem.

The schedule looks a little bit like this:

  • Literature: Monday and Wednesday from 12:30-2:15
  • Archaeology: Tuesday from 12:30-4:15.
  • Emergence of Biblical Jerusalem: Monday from 12:30-4:15.
  • Issues in Israeli Society: Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-8:15.

So although ideally, I’d be on campus M-W in Arch and Lit, it’s probably going to end up being Lit and Society…with classes just on Monday and Wednesday.  Not complaining…but REAAAAALLY wish I could take the Archaeology class.

I’m…falling asleep at my keyboard.  That’s really all I have for tonight.

Author: alisonlcohn

Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

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