“I Really Am Ruggedly Handsome”

Ulpan musings, television watching, and the keen sting of living without Amazon.

This blog post is dedicated to Richard Castle.

I have figured out what it is about the two professors teaching me Hebrew.  Gila has vague pictures that could point to any one of three or four things but for the most part she just teaches AT us.  If we don’t understand her, she will continuously repeat herself in Hebrew, never varying her words (cause that’s useful…).  Yana treats us like we’re toddlers but actually babysteps us through it with games and interaction (she actually keeps me awake).  I’d much rather have fun any day!  Either way…only 2 days left in the week.

I went on a trip to the other side of Jerusalem with Leo today.  We took a new bus and everything!  It was an adventure!  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera (among other things I forgot this morning in my daily rush to leave on time…like my lunch) so I don’t have any pictures…but I did find a used bookstore.  I’ve been looking for one for a while.  They had five Alex Rider books.  SOOO TEMPTING!  Anyway, sorry for the lack of pics, guys.  >_>  Thursday, when I go to Tel Aviv, I’ll try really hard to remember my camera.

Speaking of Tel Aviv, it’ll be my first time there.  It’s the only big city that I didn’t get to visit in 2005 with NFTY.  The terrorist threat level was too high.  Can’t wait to see where Meitar decides to take me!

Tomorrow, my audition for Les Miserables is at 6:00pm.  What exactly is one supposed to wear for a theater audition?  So clueless…luckily, I have Grace to help sort me out.

Tonight, I intend to go to bed before midnight.  It’s a lofty goal but for the first time since arriving there is no fanfiction to stand in my way!  *scoff*  HAH!

I made an excellent connection in class today with Yana.  We were learning the male/female and singular/plural words for “big” and “small”.  “Big” in its feminine-singular form is “Gedolah” (geh-doh-lah).  I practically shouted “like t’qiah gedolah!”  I was so proud of myself.  Bring on the High Holy Days.  I got this, guys!  xD

Tonight, the entire program went on a tour of the Old City at twilight.  Left to my devices with Martina, I finished my homework by 7:15 and decided to hand with her for the night.  We made pasta (imagine that) and watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I also started my new book (finally).  I had gotten a little sidetracked reading some 400,000+ word fanfics…but now I’m back on track.  I’m reading The 39 Clues Book 12 (Book 1 of the new series) called Vesper’s Rising.

Blanca: Have you read it yet?

I’ve also been feeling the keen sting of living somewhere with no means of Amazon delivery (I think) and no way to rewatch season 3 of Castle.  I’m extremely upset about the absence of Castle in my life and the severe depression is only going to worsen in the upcoming six days leading up to the season premiere which I won’t get to watch.  😦

On a side note, if ANYONE spoils the season premiere before I get to see it…I will PERSONALLY….do….something REALLY MEAN to that person. >_>  Guess it’s time to start researching torrents.  *le sigh*

Tomorrow I’ll post about my audition.

Wish me luck!

Author: alisonlcohn

Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

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