Inspiration Has Struck…

Ulpan, Nutella, and Harry Potter fanfiction. …Don’t ask…

…in the form of Nutella.

For those of you who are not aware of this heavenly deliciousness, take a peek and educate yourselves.

Now, I’m going to shift gears here and explain what brought about the Nutella obsession.

Easily, the most inconvenient thing about this country is that nothing has shelf life!  There are no preservatives in their food.  Everything is fresh off the grill/stove/oven/whatever tool they use to make their product.  Bread is the absolute WORST.

Yesterday, I was reminiscing with a friend (if anyone else overheard, they probably would have called it complaining…) and remarking on the fact that we’d be willing to pay EXTRA for preservatives that would allow our pita to last more than two days.  I mean, seriously?  Who eats 7 pieces of pita in two days?!

In attempting to find alternatives to sandwiches and mini-pizzas, I RE-discovered the delights of Nutella.  Oh delicious hazelnutty spread…where have you been for the last seven years?!  Oh yeah, that’s right…you aren’t as good in the US.  It must be a conspiracy.

*cough* Where as I?

RIGHT!  Nutella.  I picked up a small jar during my first visit to Mr. Zol (which I’ve come to find means Mr. Cheap in Hebrew).  I figured it would take me forever to get through a jar.  I mean, honestly…what do you put hazelnut spread on?

Turns out…you can put it on EVERYTHING.  o.o

After two weeks, I was an unhappy camper because my Nutella jar looked like this:But worry not!  After a quick trip to Mr. Zol’s this evening where I bought the necessities (milk, marinara sauce, yogurt) I also picked up a large jar of Nutella.  So now my empty baby and full mommy are happy together….and I can be a fatty for much longer now!

With the inspiration that Nutella provided me, tonight I wrote a fanfiction (we’ll come back to that) and did my homework.  It went from this:to this: in just a matter of minutes!  See?  This stuff really CAN work MIRACLES!


Back to fanfiction.  For those of you who now know of Nutella but don’t know what fanfiction is, here’s a brief summary:

Fanfiction is when a fan of a particular tv show, book, movie, piece of art, song, etc, draws from that medium and writes their own stories based on the characters they know and love.

In my case, I mainly write Alex Rider fanfiction.  I’m fascinated by the entire series.  Completely and totally.  That said, I have been known to delve into Harry Potter fanfiction occasionally as well.  And anyone who knows me at ALL knows that I much prefer reading fanfiction than writing it….after all, written dialogue was created by the devil to make my life especially hellacious.

All that aside, the muse struck tonight.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t danced in about three months.  Maybe it’s the fact that I was bored out of my mind after watching the Castle season 4 premiere this afternoon.  It doesn’t really matter what caused it…all that matters is that I had this DEEP desire to write SOMETHING.  Anything!  I had this creative dam in me waiting to burst…all I needed was a plot.

That’s where the lovely Bummy came in!  Everyone say hi to Bummy:Bummy gave me the prompt to write about “when Molly and Arthur met”.  Because, after all, “…there isn’t much in the series about them,” so I could pretty much have free reign.  And it’s true.  You really only know that they met at school and eloped shortly after graduating to then have seven children whose sole purposes in the world were to repopulate the wizarding peoples.

Well I had fun with that one!  In about an hour and a half I had written just shy of 2,000 words.  I won’t bore you with the details…but here’s a quick summary.  Just click the summary if you actually want to read it.

Here’s the story of when Molly realized she could truly love Arthur…and the story of when Arthur realized he loved Molly as well. After all, not all love begins at first sight.

Tomorrow after Ulpan (ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT!) Robert, Esther, and potentially Grace will be joining me on an epic quest.  We will be boarding the 30 in the hopes that in about 17 stops, we will be somewhere near a movie theater.  You might not know this (and if you don’t, you just might be a moron…) but Jerusalem is a very OLD city filled with historical goodies and all kinds of museums.  Cinemas are, apparently, extremely rare.  It’s most unfortunate…but I am determined.

Bring it ON Rav-Chen!  I WILL find you!  And I….MAY OR MAY NOT watch a movie tomorrow!  But at least I will know where you are!  HAH!  SO THERE!

That last outburst is clearly an indication that it is past my bedtime.  I am going to go pop in a movie and peace out.

Delightful talking to you all.

Lyla tov!

Author: alisonlcohn

Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

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