Monstrosity of a Post

Todays blog post comes with a Table of Contents due to the sheer number of subjects I wrote on.  (I feel schizophrenic!)  Feel free to skip around.  Or read them all.  Either way.

  1. Debit Card Panic
  2. Ulpan and Test Grades
  3. Movie Quest
  4. Glee Premiere Thoughts
  5. History/Palestinian State Politics
  6. My Personal Thoughts on the Palestinian State


1. Debit Card Panic:

I had a panic attack this morning.  Apparently, about a week ago, someone made off with my debit card number.  Mom went in and canceled the account, but since I haven’t been using it in Israel, I wasn’t worried about it.  However, it occurred to me last night that I had a monthly auto-charge for my storage unit that hadn’t been canceled.  When I woke up this morning at 7:55, I realized that the charge was going to go through in five minutes!  Panicking, I jumped online and removed the auto-charge with two minutes to spare.  I then attempted to submit an email to the storage company explaining the situation and apologizing for the late pay this month (since I had no idea what to pay with…) but, naturally, the websites’ email submission form was down.  At that point, I just facepalmed.

Luckily, I had emailed the company before and had their direct email address.  I sent the email and because of all this, I was almost late to class… [oh DARN…!]


Edit: After Skyping with my mom, I got the whole thing worked out and still paid on time.  Cause I’m responsible like that!  …Or something.


2. Ulpan and Test Grades:

Unfortunately, since I was running so late (and didn’t have any bread) I only managed to grab a small pack of Oreo’s as I ran out the door.  Lunch was interesting.

However, we had a quiz today.  I finished early so I got to go on an extra long  הפסקה (hav-secha: break).  I got an 82 on yesterdays’ unit test as well.  I also got an 80 on the quiz that I took before the break…that she decided not to count because everyone else failed.  NOT FAIR!  >_>

In the last portion of class we started going over common vocabulary in the Torah.  About two words in I realized exactly what she was doing.  I started chanting with her.  After all, the beginning of creation was my Torah portion for my Bat Mitzvah.  I knew everything that she was saying.  I think it frustrated her a bit.  She wanted to give these huge revelations…and I already knew everything she was trying to say.  Honestly, it felt a bit like cheating.  xD


3. Movie Quest:

As I mentioned in last night’s blog post, I was determined to find a movie theater in Jerusalem.  After Ulpan, Robert, Rachel, Esther, and I went on an epic quest to locate the Rav-Chen which was located somewhere in Talpiyot.

Talpiyot is located in Southern Jerusalem.  It is two bus rides from campus.  First, one must hop on a bus to get to Ben Yehuda/King George which just so happens to be the City Center where every bus stops eventually.  From there, you hop on the 21 to Talpiyot.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

All in all, it’s about a 45 minute long trek…without traffic.  So, I really must find one day a month to go to the theater and see all the movies in one fell swoop.

Especially because the theater looks a little bit shady.  >_>  I’m glad I went for the first time in broad daylight so that I wouldn’t end up walking around Southern Jerusalem in the dark trying to find the theater in a rundown neighborhood.

On the way back to King George, I saw this beauty and was inspired to take one of the most difficult pictures of my life.  In order to get this to you I had to watch for oncoming traffic that would block the shot, I had to turn off my flash, I had to avoid all smudges on the bus window, and I had to take it before the light turned green.  This shot was the best of the five that I managed.

By the time we got back to King George it was getting a bit late (and consequently, cold).  We ended up waiting at a bus stop for about 20 minutes waiting for the 19 to drive by so that we could get back to Har Hatzofim (Student Village).  We were about to give up and just take one of the numerous taxis that stalk all travelers:

But just before we made that decision (again), the 4 א showed up and we hopped on to get back home.


4. Glee Premiere Thoughts:

So the glee club lost four but gained Darren Criss?  I’m confident.  >_>

(Hey Braulio (and Blanca)…HE’S MINE! :O)  Yeah…I went there.

I was actually a little disappointed in this episode.  However, the ending?  Completely kick ass.  I was up dancing and singing along with them.  Actually made me want to watch Hairspray again.  xD

I kinda like the new direction (no pun intended) that Quinn is taking.  I can’t wait to see where they with that.

I’m also interested in seeing how they incorporate the winners from The Glee Project.

Let’s just all cross our fingers for a better episode next week (on both fronts…Castle was kinda “meh” as well.  =\ ).


5. History/Palestinian State Politics:

Braulio Cruz-Ortiz got me to thinking last night (and yes…it was painful).  He posted a simple question on Facebook that inspired a world of worry in me.

For those of you who haven’t been following the news, let me sum up.

Two days from now, the UN is meeting to talk about Israel (among other things).  The Palestinian Authority (Prime Minister Salam Fayyad) has demanded that Israel be split into two states in what has been coined “the two-state solution”.  Palestinians want the West Bank.

If the two-state solution does happen, Israel will lose access to the mountains in the West Bank that provide a natural barrier that keeps the country safe from foreign invaders.  At certain parts of the country, Israel would only be six miles wide.  Instead of going into the specifics myself, I found this lovely impartial pros vs. cons website that describes a good chunk of both arguments.  You can read it HERE.

Maybe I’ll make a stop by the Kotel after Ulpan tomorrow and slip a prayer into the wall.  After all, I’ve yet to actually put one in the wall for myself.


6. My Personal Thoughts on the Palestinian State:

Prepare for the selfish part of this blog post…

Now, after doing only an hour or so of research…I have thoroughly become frightened.  The Palestinian Authority wants the West Bank.  Mount Scopus is IN the West Bank.  If the two-state solution actually happens…what happens to Hebrew University and all of its international students?

This has actually happened before.  Shortly after its’ creation in 1925, Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus was closed to its’ students.  The War of Independence in 1948 left the campus cut off from Israeli west Jerusalem.  In 1953, construction began on a new campus in the heart of Jerusalem (Givat Ram) and even later, construction began on a third campus in Ein Kerem (southwest Jerusalem).  It wasn’t until the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six-Day War in 1967 that work could even be done to begin restoring the Mount Scopus campus.

We haven’t heard anything from the school yet.  =\  And even if the solution doesn’t go through…there is still going to be a LOT of political unrest running through this entire country.

Many other Americans here with me (and I) have made the unilateral decision that we aren’t going to leave Kfar HaStudentim all weekend.

The thought that we have no idea (and no control) over Fridays decision is terrifying.

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Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

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