And Now For Something Completely Different

The end of Ulpan and a Kfar garage sale.


Mind you, that’s not anything new.  The part that’s new is that I just had the most productive day of my life.

It started with getting up and actually going to the review session that was before class.  I don’t think it helped…but HEY!  I took the initiative…got out of bed…and went to school an hour early.  I believe I deserve some props for that.

I’ll wait.

Following my final (don’t ask how I did.  I don’t know), I went to Rothberg (Hebrew University International Students Administration building) and talked to my advisor/upcoming professor and the assistant about my classes.  I got approved (finally) for the two classes I’m taking (Issues in Israeli Society and Israeli Literature) and got my classroom information since that isn’t available to me via the internet due to some glitch in the system.  Not the whole system, mind you.  Just mine.

Following this success, I walked back to the dorms and sat down with Kate and Grace to figure out our day trip plans for the week that we now have free.

Tomorrow we are going to Masada and the Dead Sea (Yam HaMelach) via bus (and not getting lost…in theory).  On Wednesday, we’re catching the Light Rail up to Yad Vashem (the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem).

After this was successfully planned, Kate and I ran to Mr. Zol, knowing that we wouldn’t have another chance before Rosh Hashanah began and the entire country shut down.  I shopped while thinking of all the things I would want until Sunday.  I felt efficient.

Following this success, I ran into my room and grabbed my laundry.  I started my first load and in the interment 40 minutes I started waging war cleaning my apartment.

Seriously.  The situation was getting unlivable.

The first thing I did was clean the floor of the bathroom.  Did you know that our floor….was white?!  Underneath all the dirt/grime?  WHITE FLOOR!  Who knew.  >_>

I then moved from inside the shower room to the outside sink…which I scoured with cleaning supply.  From there, I moved back into the shower room and cleaned that sink as well.

From there, I went to switch my laundry and was waylaid by a “garbage sale”.  Basically, there was an apartment of guys from Germany who were only in Israel for the Ulpan and they were leaving to go back home today.  So they had a “hawking my crap” sale out in the middle of the Kfar.  I purchased salt, three regular knives, a non-serrated knife, syrup, butter, and A TOASTER for just 31 shekels.  Less than $10!  This is HUGE!  I must take a moment to appreciate my awesomeness.  Or something.  I need to bask.  Yes. This is it!

I continued on to switch over my laundry and ran into Martina on the way back to the apartment.  She agreed to help me clean the main living area.  She doesn’t use the kitchen much (because she’s a vegetarian?  or just cause it’s disgusting?).

Turns out, with regards to Martina, it was the latter.  The second we finished cleaning the kitchen she made this delicious smelling meal.  It smelled good.  I politely requested that she let me in on this cooking shindig next time cause I wanted some of her heavenly goodness in a pan.

Anyways…we scraped off years work of gunk from the stove and surrounding area.  We washed (and dried) every single dish.  I washed all the counters.  We swept up the entire living room area and washed the tables.  I took out the four bags of trash, the pizza box, and the two egg cartons that had been chilling out for a while.

While I was cleaning, Yoram (my grandpa’s friend) called and told me that he found a cheap flight to Paris.  So now it’s down to me.  I’m now on an epic quest to find someone who wants to go to Paris with me over Sukkoth.  (If you’re reading this, I’m willing to walk everywhere and stay in hostels…PLEASE just come with me. xD )  Additionally, he offered to come pick me up on Wednesday evening for a Rosh Hashanah dinner.  Yay!

Finally finished cleaning, I then went and got my dry laundry.  I brought it back and actually folded it right after washing it.

I can’t actually think of anything else I could do today that would make me more productive than I’ve already been.


I can’t wait for tomorrow.  Travelling…maybe it’ll be easier?  xD

On a completely random note, apparently after hundreds upon thousands of commercials for iHeartradio, it FINALLY sank in.  I have discovered a way to listen to Lonestar 92.5 from 7,000 miles away.  Makes me feel closer to home.  🙂

Expect pictures tomorrow (if I’m awake enough to post them after our adventures).

Author: alisonlcohn

Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

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