Well It’s Been Quite A While…

I started watching Doctor Who. Cooking and all-nighters ensue.

I feel like I should confess to you that my inner voice now speaks with a British accent due to over-exposure to Doctor Who.

“We’re at the end of the universe and you’re busy blogging!”

That is also the reason that I haven’t posted anything in the last 10 days.  Well, that and nothing terribly interesting has happened…

I did forget to mention that on Wednesday (16th), I received my first care package!  It’s actually care package number two…in more ways than one.  See, my mom didn’t mail me one.  It was brought over by one of her friends.  So that was the FIRST care package.  But the one that I got on Wednesday was the first one via mail.  Although, Theresa sent two…this was package #2.  (#1 seems to have been lost…oh the complications…)  I got all kinds of fun goodies!!!

Let’s see…last post was on the 17th.  That was Thursday.  When the weather looked like this:

Friday was eventful in a boring kind of way.  After 8 months, I finally caught up on 9 seasons of NCIS.  Such a great feeling.  You might not get it, but I feel hugely accomplished.  >_>  I also watched Lara Croft: Tomb Raider for the first time (since my professor mentioned it in our archaeology class).

On Friday night, Adelina, Rachel and I made our way to the Rav Chen in Talpiyot (FINALLY!).

I figured I had to make use of our earlier excursion in some way, shape, or form.  We all went to go see Breaking Dawn.  Complete waste of money.  But hey!  I went to a Hollywood produced movie in Israel!  On Shabbat!  Huzzah!

Saturday, I did nothing.  (Except watch Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life which doesn’t really count for much of anything…)

Sunday started the Time of the New Series.  I started Series 1 of Doctor Who (with Nine).

Following that, I hosted a “stone soup” of sorts.  Oh look!  A wikipedia provided explanation of the phenomenon known as “Stone Soup”.  The story goes:

Some travellers come to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot. Upon their arrival, the villagers are unwilling to share any of their food stores with the hungry travellers. Then the travellers go to the neck of the stream and fill the pot with water, drop a large stone in it, and place it over a fire. One of the villagers becomes curious and asks what they are doing. The travelers answer that they are making “stone soup”, which tastes wonderful, although it still needs a little bit of garnish to improve the flavor, which they are missing. The villager does not mind parting with carrots to help them out, so it gets added to the soup. Another villager walks by, inquiring about the pot, and the travellers again mention their stone soup which has not reached its full potential yet. The villager hands them a little bit of seasoning to help them out. More and more villagers walk by, each adding another ingredient. Finally, a delicious and nourishing pot of soup is enjoyed by all.

I had people over (Robert, Melissa, and Marie) and we made chicken fried rice.  My contribution was the chicken.  Omnomnom.

Monday, I had class at 6:30.  Yoni, my professor, made it back from Louisiana after a two week absence.  At this point, I had a rough draft of my midterm paper that I sat down and completed with my dad on Skype.  We talked for 2 hours.  I still might fail it.  But that’s a story for when I get my grade back.  Not going to get into it now.  =\

I stayed up extremely late on Monday night in order to accommodate a request from a friend (AJ!).  I was up until 6:30 in the morning getting pictures of the sunrise over Jerusalem.  Out of the 50+ pictures I captured, here are my four favorites.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThat is the view from my window in Kfar HaStudentim 7825.  🙂

Anyway, on Tuesday (after I finally slept), I watched Monsters Inc. with Rob and started series 2 of Doctor Who.

Wednesday was the big day.  I had a meeting with Yoni (my advisor) and explained the problems with my paper.  I then turned it in.  Dun dun dunnnn.  After class I watched Anastasia with Melissa (fun singing!!!) and Moulin Rouge (no fun singing…).  I also mailed two postcards…so I sure hope you two get them.  =\


I spent Thanksgiving…cleaning, actually.  I scrubbed the crap out of my floor and turned all my grout from black to white.  Here’s my commercial shot:(We’ll ignore that on Friday I was in so much pain from scrubbing that I couldn’t move my arm, much less use it for anything…)

I spent Thanksgiving with Melissa’s Bible Study group.  It was delightful.  I had fried chicken, potatoes, and cake.  One of the people that I met (Stephen?  Steve?  Never quite caught his name…no one knew it!) liked Doctor Who.  We ended up leaving the party and coming back to watch three episodes.

On Friday, I awoke early to run to the post office.  Turns out, my package from Aunt Rachel came in!  I got Thor, Captain America, and a WHOOOOLE lot of junk food!  =D  Yay for rice krispy treats!  Then, at 9:45, I hopped on a bus and headed to the Israel Museum for a class field trip that I pretty much slept through.  I was sooo exhausted.

First thing we learned though was that no pictures were allowed.  What-so-ever.  Well, I’ve never been all that good at following the rules.  Here are some of the ones I managed to sneak on my phone.Glass from the Second Temple period.DSC00023Capitols from columns during the Second Temple period.DSC00020Letter containing the very first mention of King Solomon’s Temple.Small sanctuary found in Arad.  It was destroyed in the time of Hezekiah who sought to abolish all forms of public worship outside the Temple in Jerusalem.DSC00028Mosaic depicting the Assyrian’s and then the Babylonian’s conquering of Judea and Israel.

I came back from the field trip and napped.  Pleasant!  Then, I started Series 3 of Doctor Who.

Saturday was supposed to be Taco Night.  But that fell through.  Instead, Melissa came over and we made chicken marinara with rosemary and thyme.  Omnomnom!

I also discovered exactly how small of a world it is!  Someone that I had met through Les Miserables saw me post about MNI on Facebook.  She messaged me and told me that she had been a member too…Fae.  Turns out, I met an MNIer and didn’t even know it.  Crazy! She’s coming over on Monday to waste time and watch Doctor Who with me.

Today is Sunday.  I started Series 4 of Doctor Who today.  I have been in bed ALL DAY.  It’s nice.  But I also feel soooo lazy.  Maybe on Wednesday I’ll go walk around the Old City a bit.  That said, when trying to conserve money, maybe wandering around the biggest tourist destination in the country isn’t the best of ideas.  Hmmm….


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Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

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