Here at the End of All Things

The final class, the final days, and packing shenanigans.

So it’s Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning, depending on how you look at it…) and I have officially completed all my exams, turned in all my papers, attended the last of my classes, and checked out of school (mentally, at least).

But hold that thought.  Let’s back up a bit.

Last Tuesday, I went on my last field trip for Archaeology of Jerusalem.  To tell you the absolute truth, it was the first field trip I didn’t want to go on, didn’t care for, and didn’t learn much from.  So I’m not going to bombard you with pictures (since I didn’t even have my camera for half of the trip anyway).  I will mention (for posterity’s sake) that we went to David’s Citadel located by Jaffa Gate (one of the towers left from the time of King Herod) and to several churches on the Mount of Olives.  The only two pictures I got were at the Church of Ascension where it’s said Jesus ascended to heaven.  Mind you, five or six churches claim to be the site of the actual ascension…but this one:actually claims to house the last footprint of Jesus.  Where he was actually standing when he ascended.  Here it is:Wait…hold on.  Let me make it a little bigger for the old folks out there who can’t see it:If you spot it…can you let me know?  I’m still trying to find it.  Anyway!  From here we headed to another church…but at that point in the trip, I had stopped paying attention because our professor delightfully announced that due to traffic, she was extending the field trip for an extra 15 minutes.

Well!  That’s lo kol beseder!  Not good at all!  After all, Melody and I had tickets to go see Les Miserables at EXACTLY 4:00.  Not 4:15!  So we…pleasantly explained this to the professor and she told us that it was no problem and that we could catch a cab back to campus to make it on time.

So we did.

And we did.

Les Miserables was good.  It was my first time seeing it.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now completely and totally obsessed with the songs.  They will be stuck in my head for months after working five shows and viewing one.  I’m…really not complaining.  Just letting you know for future reference.  Feel free to join in the beauty that is Les Miserables if you hear me wandering around aimlessly humming a tune from it.

Following Les Miserables, I went to my last Issues in Israeli Society class on Wednesday.  Boy…was THAT fun.

I completely and totally gave up on that class about a week after I turned in the paper.  (Luckily, that was at the end of November…so I still got something out of it.)  All that said, I stopped taking notes, I didn’t do the readings…and for once, I just enjoyed listening to the professor.  It’s HUGELY relieving — allowing myself to take one class within which I just do not care about my grade.  As a A/B student, allowing myself to relax in the one class that I didn’t have to do well in was…different.  I think deliberately not-caring, in a way, was difficult for me too.

Either way, it was a novel experience.  One that I will undoubtedly never repeat.

[On a side note…I hope Yoni has a BLAST reading my final.  I left him all kinds of fun notes and goodies!]

Thursday was Stacy’s birthday.  And since it was Stacy’s birthday (and I did nothing worth mentioning the entire day) it is all that will be mentioned.  Mark it in your calender, folks.  Thursday was ALL-ABOUT-STACY DAY!

Edit: Actually, I worked two shows of Les Miserables on Thursday.  But don’t tell Stacy.  😉  Shhhh!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday passed in no time at all.  As it turns out, I hadn’t made any real plans beyond small study groups…and in my boredom turned to the one thing that gets my blood pumping every time….PACKING!  I packed 90% of my belongings into my two suitcases and picked out what clothes I planned to wear for the rest of my trip.  I am quite positive that my smaller suitcase is going to explode.  Even as I sit here and stare at it, It seems to be expanding.  Maybe I should open it, take everything out, and make sure the vacuum-sealed bag is still vacuum sealed.

Then again.  I doubt I’d get it closed again if I did that.  Best not to tempt fate.

All kidding aside – I don’t have a scale here.  I have no way of knowing if my bags are going to be overweight.  They weren’t on the way over…but I’ve gained many souvenirs whilst here.  Mind you, I am leaving my comforter, tennis shoes, and two towels.  That MIGHT even it out a little bit.


Goodness, I hope so.

Shall we continue?  Let’s continue.

Monday was my Issues exam.  I’ve already touched on that.  Walked out of that class and into my next grand adventure…shopping in the Old City with Kate in the rain for all the souvenirs I’d been putting off buying for myself in order to make sure I had enough money to buy food throughout the end of the trip.

Of course, it was warm when we left…warm and sunny.  Wasn’t until we got to Ben Yehuda that it started raining.

But it was okay…cause I FINALLY made it to a small and cozy little waffle shop that I had been meaning to get to.  This tiny little store is called Babette’s and it. is. BRILLIANT.My only complaint is that my half-waffle with chocolate sauce and bananas didn’t come with a FORK.  No.  You get to eat it with your hands.  It was the single messiest thing I’ve ever had the fortune of eating…and I go to Scarborough Renn Festival every year.

With regards to souvenirs, I got all kinds of things!  I got two wine glasses (one might go to mom if I decide I can part with it…), I got all kinds of fun (and touristy) shirts, I got a VERY touristy over-the-shoulder bag that says Israel on it…I got a necklace.  Who knows if I’ll wear it…but I’d been eyeing it since week 1.  (And since I’d gone into the store to look at it maybe four times, she remembered me and gave me a free 40 shekel keychain with the purchase.)  I also bought the very last of my souvenirs for others.  Nine chocolate bars and some highly-illegal-for-me-to-bring-back-to-the-states-pistachios later, I was all done shopping. In the rain.  In my lime-green flipflops.  A few miles from the Kfar.  (And when I say lime-green flipflops…)

One must never exaggerate about the color or luminescence of their flipflops…

To make a long, incredibly dull, predictable story short, I made it back to the Kfar (freezing my TOES off!) and packed more stuff…including all my new presents.  Fwee!

Tuesday!  We’ve safely arrived at my documentation of Tuesday.  Today was my Archaeology final.  I’d like to say that I PASSED IT.  See Mom!  (And Dave!)  I KNOW that I didn’t fail.  Here’s the deal with this particular grade.  It’s out of 40 points.  I need 23 to get a B in the course (no problem) and I need a 33 to get an A in the course (somewhat possible).  I guess we’ll see what happens.  But I walked out of there happy and helped myself to my last Israeli ice cream bar.  In January.  Cause I’m a baller.  And I was celebrating.  Don’t judge me.

As of now at 3:30am on Wednesday morning, I am about 92% packed.  I’ve decided to put off the last of my packing till tomorrow (ya’know…still Wednesday…but after I go to bed and wake up)…if only to give myself something to DO tomorrow.  The plan is to sleep until hella late so that when I wake up, it’ll seem like I have less time to fill.  I will straighten my hair (so that I can pack all my hair stuff), pack the last of my junk into my suitcase, make a pile of everything I’m leaving behind, sweep the floor, take out my trash, waste time reading fanfiction and/or watching a movie, have dinner with Rob, watch ONE episode of Doctor Who with Megan, and set my alarm for 10ish on Thursday morning so that I can be one of the first housing check-outs.

Thursday, I’ll wake up, get my housing form all filled out, take the forms to Rothberg (a GREAT way to waste….45 minutes?  An hour?  Depends on how slowly I walk to campus…), return and sit in my living room until 8:00pm when a bus will arrive to take me and 20 some-odd others to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.  (Rob is convinced the bus isn’t going to come.  We’ve been in Israel too long.  >_>)

Folks, that is TWO MEASLY DAYS away!  Are we there yet?!

No really…are we there yet?

I’ll probably post one last reflective post that I’ll write up when I’m getting depressed (or excited) on the plane.  You know…after I’ve finished reading Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore, which is possibly the funniest book I’ve read since Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and watching a few movies with whoever has the misfortune of sitting next to me on a plane for 14 hours.

For now I will simply say, until next time – be it the last time or not.


Author: alisonlcohn

Graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications Advertising. Traveled a bit. Taught for two years. Administered aptitude tests for a while. Worked as a Training Associate for Guardian Mortgage and a Quiz Master for Geeks Who Drink. Obtained my Master's in Film, Television and Screen Media in London, England. Now working as a small-group travel coordinator. Nice to meet you!

3 thoughts on “Here at the End of All Things”

  1. I would love to have the misfortune of sitting next to you in a confined space miles in the air with no method of escape that doesn’t include possible suicide for 14 consecutive hours. I think it would be a hoot!!

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