This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Finished: The Lost Painting. Next up: The Naming.

The Lost Painting was an adventure, through and through.  Though it filled my Non-fiction Book requirement, it was presented in a unique format that read much more like a mystery than a mere statement of facts.

Last night, I intended to go to bed at 11:00.  I looked at a clock when I finished the book and realized that I had exceeded my bedtime by an hour and thirty minutes inadvertently.  Whoops.

But that’s just how easy of a read The Lost Painting was.  The history and controversy of the lost Caravaggio painting, “The Taking of Christ” was completely unknown to be prior to this.  Now, however, I seem to want more information.  Are all paintings histories this unique and scattered?  Are all art historians actually mystery solvers of a bookish variety?  Why is it so fascinating?  What am I doing with my life?

Even if you have no prior interest in the subject, I would recommend this book.  Like I said, an easy read that seemed more like a mystery than a statement of facts.

The next book I picked up was Bone Quill by John and Carole Barrowman for #39 – A Book with Magic.  I picked this book up a year ago at a very large Half Price Books sale for $2 and the thing that initially caught my attention was (obviously) the author’s name.  After reading the back, I decided I just had to have it.  That was a year ago and it has been sitting on my bookshelf in anticipation ever since.  So, I picked it out this morning and brought it with me to work.

Didn’t exactly get a chance to read it today at work…which is good, I guess–because I just googled it to find a picture of the cover for my blog and realized it’s actually the second book in a series.

Well……..that’s awkward.

Instead, I believe I’m going to tackle #46 – A Book Written by an Author with your Same Initials which just so happens to be called The Naming by Alison Croggon.

#46 The Naming

The Pellinor series is the retelling of the Riddle of the Treesong set in the fictional world of Edil-Amarandh. The story mainly revolves about the character of adolescent girl Maerad, who was forced into slavery along with her mother as a child, after the sacking of the Bard school of Pellinor.

Maybe, just maybe, if there’s magic in it, I can use the sequel in place of Bone Quill.  I chose this book upon the recommendation of Susie (I think…).  So if it’s awful, I’m placing the full blame on her.  😛

The Challenge October

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